By Nana Prins 


Theme #ALegendaryChristmas 


By Nana Prins

Every now and then Ivey Agency asks another talent, creator or member of the Ivey community to create a playlist for us all to groove on.

This playlists theme is “A Legendary Christmas” curated by our creative director Nana Prins, to celebrate Christmas and a happy new year!


We all love the cosy and cold (but warm) winter days of Christmas. A nice Christmas tree with shiny decoration, little lights everywhere, and of course bottomless gluhwein.

Nana created this Joyful playlist out of love for these kind of days. She loves the cheesy, but legendary, Christmas hits but also threw in some R&B, Pop, and Soul kinda Christmas songs so you can play this list whenever you want. It doesn't matter if you go skiing, having a New Year party or you are kissing your loved one under the mistletoe, this playlist will add to your vibe!

Do you want to create the next playlist or have a tip for a nice theme?

Email your suggestion to hello@ivey-agency.com 

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