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By Gijs de Jonge




By Gijs de Jonge

Every now and then Ivey Agency asks another talent, creator or member of the Ivey community to create a playlist for us all to groove on.

This playlists theme is “Ivey Night Out” curated by Gijs de Jonge, to honor the event industry and the dutch nightlife scene.


Dutch nightlife has always been a crucial industry for dutch economics, for its tourism, and is a big part of our identity.

Although the industry has been asked to reinvent and reshape itself over and over again, this pandemic the government silenced the industry, gave them little help, and a lot of empty promises. 

A lot of people lost their companies and jobs and the industries voices

however loud they are, have been ignored time and time again.


Our faith in the reinvention of dutch nightlife is unwavering and as long as there are inspiring creators out there paving the way, we will find a way back to a healthy nightlife industry.

Celebrating life is a right and a mental health necessity!


Do you want to create the next playlist or have a tip for a nice theme?

Email your suggestion to hello@ivey-agency.com 

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